About Us

Our team is led by Ken, Ryan & Seth. We’re longtime friends with a passion for jewelry and a determination to help people feel their best. By combining sleek designs with fidget devices and calming materials, we craft jewelry that makes you feel as good as you look.

Lovfor: A Compassionate Concept

We created Lovfor to help people bring joy and relaxation to their loved ones. The name itself says it all. When you buy one of our pieces as a gift, you’re doing it out of “love for” someone you care about deeply.

Who We Are

Based in Hong Kong, we are a trio of dedicated modern goldsmiths with a keen desire to make the world a better place. We’ve seen firsthand how stylish wellness jewelry can improve a person’s life. By making our work globally available, we hope to touch as many lives as possible.

We’ve Got Jewelry in Our DNA

Our parents all worked as jewelers in South China, and we grew up watching them perfect their craft. With decades of experience designing and creating luxury jewelry, they’ve now passed the baton on to the next generation. We know we’re fortunate to have such excellent mentors right in our own families.

A Family Business

Our parents did more than just inspire our love of jewelry. They also designed the first Lovfor prototype and tried out the earliest products themselves. This means our unique style reflects the wisdom of talented, experienced jewelers.

Soothe Your Soul During Difficult Times

We started creating functional wellness jewelry because we knew it could have a positive impact on the world. A stylish piece of fidget-friendly jewelry can reduce anxiety, improve self-confidence, and eliminate the tendency to scratch or pick your skin. Together, these effects can produce a happier, more meaningful life.

Lovfor Friends and Family

Our goal has always been to eliminate stress and produce a chain of happiness. When we create practical, stylish pieces, we feel amazing because we know our work will eventually improve someone’s well-being. When a customer buys a piece as a gift, they feel great because they know they’re doing something nice for a loved one. When that loved one receives the jewelry, they feel better because they’re able to improve their mental and physical health.

Providing relief is what we’re all about. We’re master artisans, and we commit to our craft out of love for the people around us.