Blunt Cases

September 02, 2021 1 min read

"LovFor" means "love for what?". We know that everyone have their loves. In our 12 years of jewelry handmade career, many customers took their design drawings and talked to us about the meaning of love in each design.


  • Miss, distant love between two couple in two farway cities;
  • Happy, marriage after ten years of love run;
  • Deep, love in secret;
  • Passion, can't help falling in love;
  • Forever, To hold your hand, to grow old with you, 50 years diamond wedding.



So we know clearly that every hammer we hit represents the customer's love for "him / her". Customers express their love with rings, and we are the handmakers of "love", so we like handmade and this job very much.


Our workshop is in China, and its business has been deeply affected by the epidemic in the past two years. Per the suggestion of our son, we tried to transform to the Internet. This is the website you see at present.


Maybe we don't have professional photoes, professional videos, and professional promotion and operation. But we are an old craftsman who has focused on jewelry handmaking for 12 years, we hope to bring our customers lovFor, which is meaning handmade and unique.

Ties: All products are made by hand, and it usually takes 5~7 days to make it. If you have customized needs, you can contact our customer service.